Towards 4th Industrial Revolution: The Global Race of Food Innovation

Culinology Event 2018

Culinology® Signature Event 2018, Culinology® 4.0: Shaping the Future of Food which will be hosted by Taylor’s University, School of Culinary Arts & Food Studies is meant to gather leading intellects from various industries to a platform for discussion on Food Innovation and its progress in current food industries. This event will provides network locally and internationally to participants by interacting with the various experts related to the field of culinary arts, food science & technology, and food & beverage sectors.

Event Highlights

Keynote Speaker 1: Chef Stephen Kalil (Past President of RCA)
Leading Food 4.0: Contribution of food product development graduate in uplifting a sustainable, profitable and innovative food products, focused on delivering the needs of the market.

Keynote Speaker 2: Dr Koh Yew Ming (MIFT president)
Amazing race of Food 4.0: Opportunity and challenges of food product development graduate towards industrial 4.0.

Keynote Speaker 3: Ms Gwee Choon Nghee (SMITA Advisory Council)
Industrial 4.0: Strategize and introduce new food products into global market for a sustainable food supply chain.

Event Itinerary

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